A Breath Easier Recipe


In these blogs I will be giving advice on things I have researched and used. Also of them can be used on most human members of your family. If there is something that cannot be used on a member of the family due to age I will note this in the section heading or close to it so that you will know. Since its starting to get cold out let’s start off with a recipe to help fight sickness. Last blog post I really dived deep into type of carrier oils, big passion of mine. Now onto the recipes… yay

Now most of my recipes have carrier oils in them, this means that the oil is used to help dilute the essential oils that are being used and will help make the things you make last longer or to get more uses out of.

If anyone has any nut allergies (peanut, almond or any other nuts) then stay away from all oils contain nuts. To make sure something does not have nuts just read the ingredients, now if it say may contain or is also done where any nut oils are done then stay away from it. I have found that Olive Oil to be a good carrier oil in a lot of my stuff as well as Jojoba oil (which is kind of expensive). Also if anyone is allergic to anything in the recipes then substitute the ingredient for something else they are not allergic to.

I used it to help my allergies and help me breath better during last summer when I was working for Wilmington Tree Service company, oh lord was it helpful. Cutting down trees all day and being in the pollen air all day was so bad for my allergies.

Now you can change this recipe up some but never use more than 14 drops in 3 cups of carrier oil. If you do you or your family members may have a reaction as essential oils needs to be diluted in order to be used on the skin. Also before using on anyone in the family, take a small dab of the recipe after it is made and put it on the inside of the wrist on near the back of the ear on the neck. Wait about an hour to see if anyone has a reaction, if no reaction then its good to use. Also be sure to keep essential oils and all made up recipes out of the reach of small children as ingestion can be poisonous, unless otherwise stated in the heading of the recipe.

A Breath Easier Recipe – Topical Use Only

There are a few things I use to help my family fight off or to recover from being sick. This recipe is one of the more common ones my family and I use when we are sick or stuffed up. Also be sure to wash your hands really well before touching anywhere near your eyes, as the mint will injure your eye if not careful.

3 cups Olive Oil

4 drops Lavender essential Oil

3 drops chamomile essential oil

5 drops of any of the Mint essential oil (Spearmint, Peppermint or Wintergreen are good)

2 drops Echinacea essential oil

Mix into a small dark glass bottle that has a lid. Make sure you make what it is that is in the container. After it is in the container, put the lid on the container and lightly switch the contents. Do not shake hard or anything as this will not do well to actually mix the ingredients together.  Once the contents of the container is mixed, you will then apply it to whoever is sick.

You will massage for about 5 minutes in each area that is listed and use as much as you need, but make sure that it’s not too much or the skin will not absorb it all. For this recipe you will need to put it on: the chest and back area that is over the lungs.

The mint in the mixer will help with clearing the nasal passages to help for breathing. The rest of the ingredients will help in other was such as relaxing (you or your family member) for resting and boosting the immune system to help fight off the sickness.

This is just one of the many recipes I use for my family and I will keep us healthy. For more helpful recipe and hints come back and read more.

Stay tuned for more.