Managing Diabetes the Natural Way

Diabetes is considered a lifestyle disease that is very prevalent nowadays. It is usually caused by either infection of the pancreases, inability to metabolize glucose in you cells, resistance to insulin or pituitary gland problems. Some of the symptoms include tingling, extreme thirst, sores that do not heal and frequent urination.


Getting started

Your journey to a diabetes-free life starts with the proper diagnosis of your condition with an emphasis on the triggers of the condition. The management of the condition is dependent on the root cause of the problem. The health official has to conduct diagnostic tests and a background research to know if anyone in your family has ever suffered from the disease. This information will help him or her come up with a disease management plan that best suits you.

Nutritional approach

Monitoring of the blood sugar is key to the management of all types of diabetes. Moreover, it is important to replenish nutrients that may be deficient in the body.

If you are diabetic, ensure that you take a daily regimen of animal proteins such as eggs, chicken, lamb, and unprocessed beef. You should avoid pig, soy and wheat products. Limit your intake of starchy products such as millet, quinoa, and brown rice to not more than thrice a week.

Depending on the severity of your condition, you may require some nutritional supplements. Some common supplements include Vitamin C, A, and D. It is also recommendable to take fish oils to increase your omega-3 intake. Other important supplements that will promote your health include zinc, kelp, magnesium, and calcium.

Additional measures

It is also important to take lots of water and enjoy good rest after work. Furthermore, ensure that you cut down on your weight if you are overweight. This can be done through exercising and controlled food intake.

Control stress and bouts of anger by taking part in physical exercises such as yoga, running, weight lifting, and swimming.  Further, ensure that you keep your toes clean and dry to keep away fungi and bacteria.

Final Thought

Diabetes can be managed without the use of drugs or insulin injections by following a healthy lifestyle and good dietary plans. However, one need to go for check ups regularly to uncover any secondary complication that may arise in the process.